• Firoz Khan

Asus Vivobook E410M Tech Review : Best Budget Laptop for Students 2021

Updated: Jan 20

Bestgadgets2u tech reviewer has reviewed Asus E410M Laptop recently. Asus e410 M has got thoughtful combination of features from the lightweight body shell to the battery sipping cool running processor and the 14 inch screen add in a reliable and fast SSD drive which is something rarely seen in the entry level models. And you have got a fantastic starter PC for a learner to use at home or at school or for a college student researching and writing assignments.

best budget laptop for students
asus vivobook e410m


The design highlights of this laptop are, it has got a plastic shell that keeps the things light and portable. And the trackpad doubles as numpad which is a very interesting concept and has got a very good build quality for the price it is coming with. All the bodywork of this laptop is plastic, but the latest finish with a shimmering texture coating that looks and feels like a big improvement over boring flat plastic. The trade off is that it is extremely light that it comes with a weight of 1.3 kg, making it easy to handle in one hand.

best budget laptop from asus
asus vivobook series

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard was something of a disappointment here. While the keyboard response is a matter of personal taste. We found that these keys are too light and spongy under the fingers and it has got a very little tactile response. The Ctrl Alt and Shift keys are small in relation to the rest of the keys, which is bit annoying. the Enter key alone is colored in the luminous in yellow and this gimmick does give the otherwise featureless deck a small style accent. The trackpad has been designed to double as a number pad. The traditional grid of the numbers has been printed onto the trackpad. Tapping the on off button on the top of the trackpad allows you to type in the figures and do calculations.


Coming to the ports there are two full size USB type A port only one uses the fast 3.2 generation standard. But we are delighted to find both HDMI and the USB type C both of these will improve the useful for docking with full size peripherals.


Overall the build quality was extremely impressive for the prize. The highlights of its hardware performance or it has got a very minimal purchasing power and RAM. The screen is also dull, but the battery life is excellent. The Celeron N 4020 is slightly upgraded on the 4000 base model with more cash. But while it's perfectly adequate for running your office applications, multimedia editing will be a stretch and the proper gaming is out of the question. It's a fanless CPU so there is no vents for cooling. Obviously, everything run silently and you're saving a lot of battery to four GB of RAM is the bare minimum to get on a PC working properly today, but this is probably a bigger bottleneck on overall performance and either the CPU or GPU. Again it will do the basics of running two or three applications simultaneously. As long as you're not opening 20 browser windows at the same time. Thankfully, the SSD drive helps out with some of the heavy lifting to keep the things moving.

Check out Video here : https://youtu.be/v5U0DBsI5Bg

The main downside of this laptop the screen simply doesn't get nearly bright enough for our liking. The matte finish might be a good idea for working outdoors, but it makes fairly Dull screen. This is not a big issue if your word processing or web browsing Of course, but it makes the photos and video looks a little lifeless. The low power fan less CPU and the SSD drive and the low brightness screen are all contribute to substantial power savings. With a midsize battery you're getting up to 11 hours of battery life. The tiny power supply brick and its 10 cable adds virtually nothing to the weight of our package.

So why should you buy this bike if you need a starter PC on a cheap price that is a low processing four GB of RAM and SSD is a boon here. Buy it if you want a high portability that is as it is coming with SSD, the weight of the laptop is less and it also gives the best battery life or the reasons to award this laptop. If you handle large complex files or big programs, don't go for it. And if you are a movie buff or gaming enthusiasts, this will not be the good laptop for you. So overall by this laptop or it's very lightweight, low price, great value and SSD drive. That is so fundamental that Dell screen and or keyboard layout. So this is our review of asus viewbook E410 M. So what do you feel about this laptop comment in the comment section.