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Asus Vivobook S14 AMD Ryzen 5 & 7 Powered Review 2020

Asus vivobook series offer more affordable selection of laptop for light users and the Asus vivobook s14 model we are looking at today definitely ticks the affordable box.

So let us see in detail whether this laptop is of value for minipack age please hit the like button to share this video and subscribe my channel. Design and bird design is probably one of the key highlights of the esos video book s 14. The laptop is available in four different trendy color options. Green resolute red, dreamy white, and India bland. All the names sound fancy but the color of this laptop that we received stood out from other laptops back of the LED palm rest and the rear panel of the laptop is made out of an aluminium alloy that provides it with the strength to endure the LVR engineer and the diamond cut design on the edges offers the laptop the premium feel he deserves the couple of USB 2.0 ports and a microSD card slot along with the charging indicator displays on the right side of the laptop. While on the left you have a charging socket, HDMI port or USB 3.2 type generation one port or USB type C 3.2 type generation on port and a 3.5 mm combo audio jack.

The interesting thing is the inclusion of the USB type C port which is very much required nowadays. It is somewhat odd that the charging indicator is located on the opposite side door we have noticed the same in some previous SS laptops as well. The laptop comes with a very thin bezels around the display. Thankfully it has a webcam with a full HD resolution present for all those online meetings and calls which are very much required in the pandemic days. And another impressive thing is its weight which is just 1.4 kg which is very ideal to carry around. display of this laptop is color accurate and it has got thin bezels which is very impressed here. The 5.7 mm bezel on the laptop means that the 14 inch display gets a high screen to body ratio. For those interested in exact number for those interested in the exact numbers it comes to 85% to be precise. According to ESOs It comes with advanced video tuning true to life technology aimed at offering better visual quality. The display has a matte finish and it is one of the most color accurate display according to ESOs. Create your people who want to use the laptop for working on videos or images but definitely enjoy using the issues we will look at 14 keyboard and trackpad.

This laptop has got comfortable and spacious keyboard with a solid build quality. The keyboard on the issues we will get 14 is one of the highlight of this laptop. Even though the laptop has a very small frame. The keys are spaced out and the typing on this laptop was extremely comfortable. The key travel is satisfying, hence offering an accurate typing experience. Asus has highlighted the Enter key with a green color and it doesn't serve any extra purpose. This is just for styling. The trackpad is located right beneath the keyboard. It is sturdy yet responsive and offers a smooth scrolling experience. It doesn't offer a plasticky feeling and there is no gap left between the frame and the trackpad. Once it is pressed fingerprint sensor is located on top right corner of the trackpad and it is easily accessible to performance.

Having 512GB of SSD storage also means that you won't have to worry about running out of space with normal use for all thanks to a combination of the beefy CPU that is ryzen seven and the integrated graphics the esos will get support in post a very respectable score in many of the benchmark testing for all intents and purposes the esos vo book s 14 is designed well for almost all computing tasks. There is supposed to be overcast 14 source of some awesome battery life figures which is a proof that you can have your cake and eat it too. This was viewbook s 14 s for double ci is a solid performer both in terms of build quality and performance. It packs quite a lot but retains its limbered allowing it to slip into smallest backpacks.

Overall if your budget is $1000 or Rs 80,000, this is a perfect Ultrabook that you can buy for yourself.


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