• Firoz Khan

Asus Vivobook Ultra 14 Intel 11th Gen Powered Laptop : Review

Asus has just replaced the vivobook lineup with the launch of the new vivobook ultra 14 and ultra 15 the new 11th generation Intel Core processor powered machines that comes with the model numbers x413,x513 respectively and we have for the review the x413 model which is the 14 inch model. The vivobook series from the asus is known to be affordable and powerful laptops but this time asus has came up with a much hyped 11th generation processor.

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asus vivobook ultra 14 review

Display and Design

Asus Vivobook Ultra 14 x413 features 14 inch full LED backlit display which is beautiful. The display comes with the company's nano technology due to which a laptop is able to offer 85% screen to body ratio. The panel is also to be certified that is rheinland Q certification and what does it mean it will protect your eyes from the maximum brightness if you use your laptop in low light while the display specification on paper sound great. The panel itself is not the best in class, the company wanted to offer an overall smooth working experience with the new laptop series and with that it was hard to settle for a rather cheap looking panel. The panel offers plenty of brightness even for outdoor use but where it lags behind the viewing angles. Coming to the design of the vivobook 14, the laptop looks very thin and light tand is constructed out of the plastic and has an overall smooth finish both on the outside as well as inside. However this laptop also looks stylish and keeps you productive and entertained no matter where you are, with an overall weight of just 1.4 kg and an ultra thin profile vivobook 14 easily slips into your backpack so you can effortlessly take it along.


It features reversible USB 3.2 generation on type C port and makes connecting devices effortless. It also includes USB 3.2 generation one and USB 2.0 ports, HDMI output and a micro SD card reader so you can easily connect all your current peripherals, displays and projectors.

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Keyboard and Trackpad

Generally offers a great experience when it comes to the keyboard and trackpad on his laptop. The Asus Vivobook 14 also comes with a nice tactile keyboard and we had no issues typing on this keyboard. This keyboard is also coming with a backlight with three levels of brightness making it easier to type in darker environments. But when you compare this backlit experience with the some flagship or mid range laptops or even gaming laptops, it doesn't look that good. As for the trackpad asus takes advantage of the windows drivers making gesture controls on the windows 10 seamless. The trackpad itself is smooth and it is one of the best we have seen in the mid range or budget laptops. Also there is a fingerprint sensor on the trackpad which makes login much easier and quicker, but the efficiency is low when we compare it with the flagship or higher end laptop.


This laptop comes equipped with the Intel Core 11th generation processor coupled with 8GB of RAM for storage there is a 512GB of SSD and such a combination makes day to day tasks like browsing or working on an Excel sheet much smoother. If you're looking to game on this laptop, this would not be the best because for GPU there is no dedicated VRAM provided instead the GPU uses the part of the RAM available. It comes with a Intel's integrated GPU and does not offer a lot of graphics power. So heavy video editing or gaming are the areas you should avoid the vivobook 14.


Asus has managed to offer a decent battery performance on asus vivobook 14. This laptop will give you up to 6 hours of backup while this is not an impressive number. We didn't appreciate it because the Acer laptops that are coming at the same price offers much better battery life.


As for the speakers the sound on the vivobook 14 is powered by a Harman Kardon for a lightweight notebook. The speakers offer a great audio output. I enjoyed listening to the music.

Asus vivobook 14 x413 model is good for anyone wanting to perform basic tasks like attending video calls, using Microsoft Office tools or browsing web. However, if you plan on gaming or editing videos on the go, you should completely avoid this laptop because it is not so powerful in terms of RAM and processing power.