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Best MSI Laptops to buy for 2021

The best MSI gaming laptops posses much power for your gaming needs packing amazing Nvidia Turing graphics and Intel latest processors that can handle just about any AAA PC game you through at it this article will help you out in choosing the best MSI gaming laptop of whether your looking for something affordable or one that support in desktop replacement.

Top MSI Gaming Laptops 2021
Best MSI Laptops 2021


It is Amazingly powerful with Quadro RTX 5000 Max Q GPU and it is best workstation that MSI has ever made. Take all these powerful specs and combine it with a 17.3 inch 4K screen that has got 393 nits of brightness and 251% of SRGB colour gamut and a whooping battery life that will last 6 hrs and 57 min on a single charge which is just amazing and you will not find this kind of battery life in other workstations or gaming laptops.

Buy this laptop for its slim and lightweight design, gorgeous 4K display that will give you immersive display experience, strong performance and graphics, best military durable build quality and and one of the amazing solid battery life. The only disappointment with this laptop is it is bit expensive.

MSI Prestige 14

MSI Prestige 14 is beautiful, Powerful, Pretty laptop, powered by Intel's Core i7 Processor and Nvidia discrete graphics and amazing 9 hrs of battery life. This laptop is made for faster multitasking and you definitely going to enjoy this laptop. Prestige 14 is a stylish and beautiful laptop to carry and showoff, its dark or deep Rose pink colored aluminum chassis is a breath of fresh air in a ocean of a grey white and black laptops.

Buy this laptop for its gorgeous lightweight design, Excellent battery life which is a must needed in the laptops, solid performance. Disappointments are dim display and weak speakers.

MSI GE63 Raider

Power,Speed and performance of a desktop replacement in a 15 in system. This laptop powered by overclockable Intel Core i9 chip powerful processor and Nvidia 2080 super GPU serving that gives incredible power for gaming and multitasking. It packs a SSD that gives a blink and you will miss it speed and a pretty display. if you are searching for the most powerful 15 inch laptop then MSI ge65 Raider is just for you to get the power lika a desktop replaced in a more portable and compact 15 inches. MSI GE63 Raider is made for the gamers who are in pursuit of power, buy this laptop for great graphics and overall good performance and long lasting battery life , speedy SSD. the only disappointment is weak on you and it runs hotter on longer usage.


Titan the Best and Amazing laptop overall, MSI gt76 Titan is coming out in always silver and Fox Glory, the Titans new look is outstanding and stylish, when combined with the image size custom of using the most incredibly powerful components available. This laptop is just about everything including an powerful Intel desktop processor and a great Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU which means it is amazingly powerful for gaming and productivity in work or multitasking, video and photo editing work.

Buy this laptops for its very attractive design, excellent graphics and overall amazing performance and its bright beautiful colorful 4k panel that you will definitely enjoy, the only disappointment as with all the powerful gaming laptops this laptop is also expensive.


Slim gaming laptop with the huge battery life, great performance thanks to the Intel 10th generation comet Lake processor AMD and Nvidia super max Q gpu, fast SSD and the largest battery life available you have got a great laptop which is a winner. If you are looking for a near Perfect Combination of performance and endurance in incredible allied and slim body MSI gs65 is a way to go. This laptop has also got a lovely display, comfortable Keyboard and for the power it generates this laptop is worth for its cost.

Buy this laptop for lightweight and gorgeous chassis, powerful graphics and overall performance. the only amazing thing about this laptop is its great battery life for a gaming laptop, the disappointments are week audio quality and like the other laptop in this list it is also pricey. so these are some of the best amazing MSI laptop that you can plan to in 2021.


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