• Firoz Khan

Best TV for 2021 : Best Budget | 4K | 8K | OLED | QLED

Are you shopping for the Best TV then this video is for you. gadget geeks has brought you together the biggest brightest and the highest performing televisions under different category and prize is hit the like button to share this video and subscribe my channel TCL six series 65 inch TV the best value for money back age. So why should you buy this TV? Because it has got a fantastic 4k screen for immersive viewing experience and can use Roku’s huge collection of on demand online content online and it is for those who are looking for a huge screen TV on a budget. TCL may not be a brand that immediately comes in mind whenever you think of value for money TVs. It is now coming with outstanding and amazing affordable TVs that compete with those of LG, Sony and Samsung, especially when you consider value.

One major reason for TCL success is a long standing partnership with Roku. With this in mind TCL 6 series is a must buy if you are looking to buy a budget 4k TV that won't break the bank. It is comes with the Roku's and has a crisp and clear 4k Ultra HD screen with HDR. The outcome is a television that gives out accurate color and amazing picture quality.


The best TV for amazing gaming experience. So why should you buy this TV? it is a cheaper or budget OLED display option than the Sony's master series and it is for people Gaming TV. Its mix of vivid colors, and spectral highlights great black levels, comes with Dolby Vision and HDR 10. It is the standard choice for gaming with its fast and response 120 hertz screen. Adaptive refresh technology gives smooth gameplay and also prevent display tearing from that all together through in the accurate black levels and impressive contrast that come with the OLED display.

Samsung Q70

Best TV for Watching Sports. So why should you buy this TV? it has got a bright, crisp and beautiful QLED screen coming at affordable price. And this TV is for those who is looking to buy TV for watching Movies and Sports. It is one of the best TV in its class comes with higher brightness levels which brings to life like scenes brimming with a natural light like cricket, baseball, ,soccer.


The best 8k TV, So why should you buy this TV? It is one of the most beautiful TV that you can find in 2021. These OLED TVs for our money provide amazing picture quality with best in class black levels which takes the TV viewing experience to next level. It is hard to find something like this in other brands in 2021. It comes with 33 million pixels which makes the picture quality outstanding.

TCL 6 series 55 inch TV

The best budget TV. So why should you buy this TV? It is a good size Tv that you can buy for a budget price comes with all latest technology and best in class picture quality. This TV is for those who are looking for best TV watching experience at a very affordable price. It comes with simple and easy to use Roku operating system which also comes all online streaming services. It comes with Dolby Vision and HDR with further improves picture quality and enhances the TV watching experience.

Sony A9G

The Best TV overall. So why should you buy this TV? You cannot find a better TV than this in 2021, it has got everything you want in a best TV. It features a UHD 4k OLED screen and its gives best in class picture quality.