• Firoz Khan

Crossbeats IGNITE Unboxing & First Impression

Crossbeats recently launched three new smartwatches and we have for the unboxing the Ignite. This smartwatch is precisely crafted and loaded with a useful application and it is built to be an extension of the new youth of India. Fast fancy and fully loaded. Their are many smartwatch companies selling their smartwatches in market like Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Fitbit and more but their smartwatches are bit expensive and doesn't come in our budget. If your budget is somewhere around Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 then this smartwatch from Crossbeats is best for you, it not only looks stylish but also offers great set of features and specifications and is a complete value for money package.

best budget smartwatch
Crossbeats smartwatch

This smartwatch comes with a ton of features that will keep people connected cool and aware of their health-related things and It looks amazing on hand. The charging case of this smartwatch is somewhat unique when compared to the other smartwatches This case has got a locking facility in which you have to lock smartwatch and keep it for charging. For this is a very unique kind of thing that we can see in this smartwatch. It is a kind of protective case that prevents the damages caused by falls. It is a unique kind of charging case that the crossbreed has given.

The watch looks premium, the color of the case and the color of the belt used looks unique and use a stylish look for the smartwatch. Of course it is made for you. They have to make it stylish. So high quality material has been used to make the case and the bell so that they can give a premium look for the watch. Let me switch on the watch and show you the features. It comes with step count heart monitor, sleep monitor messages, sports, stopwatch, music you can control with the smartwatch.

The other features are good like phone connectivity, watch faces, brightness. system language, here you can change the watch faces according to your taste. So I prefer digital or analog. So let me wear it and show you how does it look on my hand. It has got a motion sensor that is whenever you rotate your wrist it will show you the time the detail review of this smartwatch on my YouTube channel, overall it looks amazing and stylish and has got a rich feature set.


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