• Firoz Khan

Profissy LCD Writing Tablet : Best Budget, Rechargeable, Colourful Writting Tablet

If you're looking for best rechargeable writing tablet with a colorful LCD screen, then this video is for you. The Profissy colorful screen LCD writing tablet with 11.5 inch screen is a rechargeable type electronic writing board for both kids and others. These devices device can keep the kids really busy at restaurants and other places where you want to keep them busy. And this can be also used as a drawing board for those who love drawing or memo board to leave the messages at home or even for those who suffer hearing loss.

Their are many tablets in market from the companies like Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Amazon Fire but they are all expensive, this LCD tablet from profissy is cheap and comes with good features for kids. If your budget is somewhere around Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 then this tablet is best for you.

Best Budget LCD Tablets for Kids
Profissy LCD Tablet

This 11.5 prophecy colorful screen LCD writing tablet is the best rechargeable writing tablet in the market nowadays. The screen is very colorful and the kids will like it very much. This tablet comes with advanced technology. This is a new rechargeable technology that can be recharged without the need to buy a battery, adopting the newest LCD pressure sensitive technology.

It's a simple alternative to pen and paper and you can use the attached stylus or other plastic pens to write and draw and do whatever creative things you want to do on it. Electronic writing board has a lock function switch lock button to the right side with a lock function to avoid any accidental erase. And switch lock button to the left side will enable the erase button so that your kid or you can use it to erase whatever you do.

This is suitable for all ages from young to old. And it's a great innovation to give the toddlers or kids busy and it is also a great tool for educators to help students learn math and practice them. It is also environmentally friendly and a money saver. You don't have to need to waste money on papers, pencils and erasers anymore. One writing tablet can repeat one lakh times it comes with a built in rechargeable lithium battery which is more economical and easy to charge with a USB one time charge can be used for six months.

Coming to the box contains you can find LCD writing tablet, one writing stylus USB cable, user manual and package box. If you find the article helpful please hit the like button do share this article among your friends.